• Published: Apr 8th, 2012
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[Video Game Writers] Ridge Racer is a criminal release

Put simply, Ridge Racer Vita is a disgrace to the iconic franchise, and Namco Bandai should be ashamed at charging $29.99 for this game, much less even $9.99. We can’t recommend this to anyone, not even lifelong Ridge Racer fans.

Video Game Witers.

  • Published: Feb 22nd, 2012
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Vita Voices: The Beauty of the Unboxing

It’s PS Vita launch day, so a new name for the show, and a new partner… welcome to everyone listening in from Video Game Writers. Today is the day though (bar those pesky first editions in America and everyone in Japan. Everyone will be doing the same thing. Opening the box.

But have you stopped to think about how important the unboxing actually is?

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