• Published: Feb 2nd, 2012
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The Playstation Show: Remembering Densha De Go

Densha De Go Chuo

Long term listeners will know the quirky game that I love and have brought up here a few times, but for the new listener, this might be a bit of a surprise. With the PS Vita on the way, I’m going to miss a very old gaming friend who won’t be able to make the digital jump to the new platform.

I’m sad at the loss of Densha De Go. Bear with me though, because this is a real-world situation that fans of some of the early PSP games will come across as well.

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2 Responses to “The Playstation Show: Remembering Densha De Go”

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    on Feb 2nd, 2012
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  2. Jenny
    on Feb 14th, 2012
    @ 3:27 pm

    Hey Ewan! I know how it feels like to be left bereft after the updating of a video game system. I bought the PSP at the very first year it came out because I loved the PS1 games and it was said, MANY TIMES that PS1 games would be on the PSP. And I had to wait until nearly the end of the life of the PSP to get the game I’d been waiting for since launch, Legend of Mana. WHICH is NOT going to be working on the PS Vita at launch! So even though I might get the Vita, I’m keeping a PSP just for the games that won’t be on the Vita. Its okay if you keep the original PSP just for the UMD stuff. A good old system is just as good as the new system. I have a PSP, a 3DS that I had to trade my DSi for. AND I have a GBA SP, which I need now because my GBA carts won’t work on the 3DS like they do on DSi!

    So, I can feel your pain. Hope things work out well for you and you still play your train games. (I love Train Games too! Never heard of this train series though!)


    PS If train simulators are your thing, there are TONS of them for the PC! Most PC class train sim games are designed to be enjoyed almost in the same way a model railroad would be. Some can even be file modded with more trains and the like. Here is a community devoted to train Sims and modding and all that good stuff, and they have links to various train sims on the page. http://www.trainsim.com/

    Hope that helps!

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